Sheriff's candidates hit the ground running as runoff draws near

Sheriff's candidates hit the ground running as runoff draws near

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Both candidates in the runoff for Harrison County Sheriff had a busy weekend, and neither one show any sign of stopping. Come Tuesday, Harrison County could have a new sheriff in Troy Peterson or Melvin Brisolara could keep his position and enter into a third term.

"I think if anything gives us an advantage it's our record. You know for eight years we did things right. When you can get the U.S. Justice Department to give you a seal of approval and walk out of your agency, that's pretty darn good," said Sheriff Brisolara.

Brisolara and a few members of his team were at their campaign headquarters preparing signs for the runoff. After the August 4th election, Troy Peterson was in the lead, but Brisolara is standing firm on his 37 years of law enforcement experience.

"I started as a dispatcher, as a reserve officer, worked my way up through the ranks, worked with five sheriffs. I took that good talent from those sheriffs, put it to use to help me get to where I'm at now. We have a great track record and I hope people will look at that," said Sheriff Brisolara.

Even though Troy Peterson was leading the vote count going into the runoff, he said he and his supporters haven't slowed down one bit.

"We feel good, you know, since the day of the election, that Wednesday we walked neighborhoods all day long. So, we haven't stopped. We haven't slowed down," said Peterson.

Peterson has 27 years of law enforcement experience, and even though he is battling an Incumbent he believes he brings more to the race.

"Diversity is what I bring to the table the most, and I know what the employees here want. I know what the citizens want and I know what the law enforcement want," said Peterson.

Both candidates agree that they would like to see a better voter turnout on Tuesday.

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