Gulfport nonprofit recognizes Hurricane Katrina first responders

Gulfport nonprofit recognizes Hurricane Katrina first responders

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Ten years ago today the Hurricane Hunters were investigating a tropical disturbance near the Bahamas. That system developed into Hurricane Katrina.

Sunday an organization reflected on that time after the storm and showed their appreciation for our first responders.

"As all of us reflect on this ten year anniversary, there's going to be lots of opportunity to celebrate. But I can't think of anyone more worthy of celebrating than these folks sitting in front of us today," a church member said.

Our first responders got a standing ovation at Morning Star Baptist Church in Gulfport for their efforts to help and support their community members when they needed them most after Katrina's devastation.

"They are so dedicated, but they go right out each and every day and they do whatever is necessary to make sure that the community is safe. I don't think we can thank them enough," Ruth Story said.

Story is the executive director of the nonprofit organization E.E.E.C.H.O. They've put together six days of activities that commemorate Hurricane Katrina, and Sunday's worship service is their fourth event.

"They are so good to us. You know we realize these people have families just like us, but they put where they can on the side for a while so that they could minister and help the rest of the community," Story said.

These officials say it sure does feel nice to get such a warm and loving thank you.

"It makes you feel good. It's not really what we do it for, but it makes you feel good," said Gulfport Fire Chief Michael Beyerstedt.

During this morning's service, E.E.E.C.H.O presented medals to our first responders.

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