Biloxi police complete annual training for intense situations

Biloxi police complete annual training for intense situations

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi police have received their last bit of their annual training.

Friday's training is paramount for officers so they know their department's policies and how they should respond when put into stressful situations.

"We have limits placed upon us by the Constitution, by the state law and by our policies. This training is to remind officers of those limits so they make good decisions on a daily basis," training officer Carl Short said.

Short says the act of responding to a suspect's resistance is 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental.

"The actual 90 percent is mental. And that's when to make the appropriate decision, when to start using force and then again, when to stop using force," Short said.

The first part of training is an overview of the policies and procedures. The officers then put their knowledge and experience to the test with a firearm training simulator, which is as real as practice can get.

The simulator is all acting of course, but the program is manipulated to feel like real life situations.

"It doesn't always end in a use of force, and we don't want to ever train anybody to think that every situation they get into is going to be hostile or unpleasant. So, we can change these scenarios," Lt. Michael Brumley said.

Practice doesn't always make perfect, but applying what you learn at the office can help save an officers life and your own out in the field.

After the simulation drill, officers were taken outside of the department to practice handling routine traffic stops.

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