Trump gets South Mississippians excited at campaign stop in Mobile

Trump gets South Mississippians excited at campaign stop in Mobile

MOBILE, AL (WLOX) - The Donald Trump plane took two circles around Ladd-Peeples Stadium in Mobile just for the show. But, the real show began to the tune of "Sweet Home Alabama."

Trump's address hit on most of the big talking points. Immigration was one of the biggest.

"We're going to build the wall," Trump said to a crowd of about 30,000.

It is the kind of message that some South Mississippians wanted to hear bad enough to come early and wait in the long lines.

Robin Williams and Glen Humphrey of Biloxi are long-time supporters of Trump.

"I like that he don't care about political correctness. We're all sick of political correctness. It's time people realized this nation is in trouble, and we need somebody that's got the cojones to do it," Humphrey said.

Williams agreed.

"He's outside the box. He doesn't care if you're black, white, Asian, gay. What have you. He cares about America," Williams said.

Laura Moore of Gulfport said Trump is the kind of republican she's looking for.

"I've been a Republican since I was in college, a long time ago, and I'm thrilled to see somebody who is sensible, honest. A businessman who can lead this country back to where we used to be," Moore said.

Gulfport resident Mary Kathryne Simonich believes he really has a shot at being president.

"I like his attitude. I like is arrogance. I like his forthrightness. He says what he says, and he's not worried about being politically correct. And I really like that," Simonich said.

Simonich says she was surprised at his quick rise in the polls.

"Oh my gosh. Yes, I was. He's got the people behind him and the people who know how to make it happen," said Simonich.

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