New challenge to Mississippi Power rate increase

New challenge to Mississippi Power rate increase

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Thomas Blanton, who won a state Supreme Court case against Mississippi Power's Kemper County Energy Facility, filed a new challenge to the latest rate increase approved to pay for the new power plant.

A portion of the filing read in part, "It's truly a shell game."

Submitted on Friday with the Mississippi Supreme Court, the filing references the 18 percent rate increase granted by the Public Service Commission on August 6. Blanton, who is running for a seat on the Public Service Commission, argued that the latest rate hike replaces the one declared illegal by the court.

The court ruled earlier in 2015 that customers should not pay for construction of the Kemper plant while it is under construction. Mississippi Power has devised a refund plan for the original 18 percent increase. Customer can opt for a check or a bill credit, but refunds will not be available until October.

Additionally, Blanton argued the PSC should hold prudency hearings before implementing a rate hike to pay for the Kemper plant.

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