WLOX Editorial: Life beyond Katrina

WLOX Editorial: Life beyond Katrina

Hurricane Katrina devastated South Mississippi 10 years ago. In the years that have past, South Mississippi along with the help of thousands of volunteers have shown they as former Governor Haley Barbour said, "hitched up their britches and went to work."

Everywhere you look you can see our progress. New bridges - the Biloxi Ocean Springs Bridge and Bay St. Louis Bridge, not only connect our cities, but also offer some of the most popular walking paths. Schools have been rebuilt, along with playgrounds and tourist attractions. There are now state of the art public safety, emergency operation centers and storm shelters in many of our communities. These are just some of the many, recovery success stories.

Hurricane Katrina not only forever changed our lives, but she also taught us many lessons, lessons that have made our community safer and in some ways better.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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