LB residents on edge after 17 auto burglaries

LB residents on edge after 17 auto burglaries

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - One of South Mississippi's least crime ridden communities is hit by thieves. The hunt is on for the bandits or bandit who hit up 17 vehicles in a Long Beach neighborhood last night. This as shocked neighbors of Pinecrest Circle woke up to learn their vehicles were broken into.

"This is how we found the doors on the vehicles and they had my dome light turned on," said Richard Eads. Eads described the way he found his vehicle after stepping onto his car port in the morning.

"We looked in the windows of the vehicle and the doors were cracked and there was just stuff strung everywhere," said Eads.

Once he searched the vehicle he said crooks made off with only his binoculars.

"I went and looked at my neighbors vehicles and noticed that some of them were broke in and the police had already started walking the neighborhood checking," said Eads.

Police said the overnight hours is likely when more than a dozen vehicles were rummaged through, but only four people reported items stolen. News of the crimes has residents on edge.

"I live usually at 6 o'clock in the morning. So I still have children that grew up here and live here and my wife is here and it just kind of frustrates you. You work hard for your personal property and you don't want to lose it," said resident Bill Hertzog.

"I hope the police find something and we hear something about it," said resident Nicole Smith.

Long Beach Police Chief Wayne McDowell calls the shameful acts here crimes of opportunity. He said the thieves hit up unlocked vehicles.

"I know there's that impression by some people that says, when you lock your vehicle they can break in a window. But most of these auto burglaries we see is unsecured vehicles. If they see something there and they want it they are going to break it anyway. They don't want to make the noise or attention. So please secure your valuables and lock your vehicle," said McDowell.

A lesson learned for Eads.

"I will be locking vehicles and putting in a security system with cameras," Eads said.

Long Beach police ask anyone with any information on this crime to contact their department.

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