Live stream continues at 7:30pm: Robin Roberts screens Katrina special in the Pass

Live stream continues at 7:30pm: Robin Roberts screens Katrina special in the Pass

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - ABC news anchor and Pass Christian native Robin Roberts is back in her hometown tonight for a special screening of her upcoming special on Hurricane Katrina. This trip back to the Gulf Coast is one of many she's made since the storm, not just to document the recovery, but to visit and show her support.

Thursday night's invitation-only screening of Roberts' ABC special "Katrina: 10 Years After the Storm" will be at the Boys and Girls Club Qatar Center. The Roberts Family has been a longtime supporter of the Boys and Girls Clubs, in particular, the Qatar Center.

This is the second screening of the ABC special. The first was Wednesday in New Orleans.

Roberts has pulled in some big names as part of the special, including Drew Brees and Harry Connick, Jr. In the special, viewers are introduced to survivors and volunteers who have never before shared their stories of resilience and strength in the face of insurmountable odds.

You've likely seen some parts of the special aired on Good Morning America this week, including the story of Diane Brugger, a storm survivor who opens up for the first time about her loss and her path to recovery.

Roberts and John Green are executive producers of the special that will air nationally on ABC Aug. 23 at 9pm.

Starting at 6pm, you can watch a live stream of the Pass Christian event in the video player at the top of this page. The stream will go down for about 45 minutes during the screening, but pick back up around 7:30pm for the post-show festivities. Mobile users can watch here>>

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