Police learn how and when to use deadly force

Police learn how and when to use deadly force
About 100 police officers from across the state were at the seminar. (Photo source: WLOX)
About 100 police officers from across the state were at the seminar. (Photo source: WLOX)

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Real life scenarios play out on the screen, followed by real life advice. This comes one day after an officer involved shooting in Latimer. An armed man was shot and wounded by Jackson County Sheriff's deputies.

All of this is taking a toll, according to Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence.

"We're concerned about the effect all the stuff that's happened across the country and nation has an effect on the officer making that split second decision.  Yesterday was again an unfortunate situation," Lawrence said.

Officers learned about the legalities of using deadly force. Paula Broome is with the Mississippi Attorney General's Office.

"We want the officers to be aware of what the law says. There are parameters under case law for using lethal force," Broome explained.

After a shooting, an investigation always comes next. Joel Smith is the Harrison County District Attorney.

"It's also something that's there for the protection of the officer and to ensure that there is transparency there in those investigations," said Smith.

Many things have changed in law enforcement over the past 20 years when it comes to officer involved shootings. You certainly have social media that has taken over. That's not necessarily a good thing when it leads to speculation. One good thing that has happened though has to do with video.

Tim Rutledge is the Director of the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy and the instructor of this training session.

"When law enforcement officers wear video, it ends speculation. We have to get video in the hands of every cop out there. It's so vital," said Rutledge.

How vital? A recent ABC News report highlighted the use of the cameras.

The training today is critical, and officers know it. Patrolman Jay Hunter is with the Gautier Police Department.

"The slides that we've seen so far actually give persons viewing it an opportunity to see how quickly decisions have to be made," said Hunter.

This training will make sure those decisions are the right ones.

About 100 officers from across the state attended the training session.

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