City To Cut Off Water Bills

Jacqueline Bruneau hung up signs Tuesday afternoon around her neighborhood.  She's trying to recruit other people who owe Gulfport money. Bruneau is a former Dedeaux Utility customer. She owes the city more than $1,400 in garbage and sewage fees. That's why she hasn't signed a new contract with the city for water service, and she says she's not alone. "The bills that are owed out here now are from the approximately 200 people that owed before the city took over Dedeaux," she says.

Bruneau is disabled and lives on a fixed income. She says she was making partial payments on her bill until Gulfport took over the utility company. "And then when they took over Dedeaux recently they said no we're not makin' arrangements for anybody, you gotta pay it or your water's gonna be cut off," Breneau says.

Bruneau wants the city to give her and others more time and has asked her councilman for help.  Chuck Teston says, "If they owe bills from the past they're gonna have to come forward and pay it. But I'm willing, if they can get up a petition, I would be willing to petition the city for a 90 day extension and see if we can work with 'em individually."

Bruneau's time is running out.  She has to have the petitions by the end of this week and she hopes her signs will encourage others with outstanding bills to call her.