Flag switch in Gautier causes frustration

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - On Wednesday the City of Gautier became the latest in Mississippi to take down the controversial state flag. They replaced it with the city's flag and it didn't take long for a frustrated group of veterans to pay a visit to city hall.

After a brief meeting with city leaders and the American Legion Post 1992, the group charged with maintaining and purchasing flags at the state's only Veteran's Tribute Tower, the city had a change of heart.

So just a day after the switch, Gautier's flag was brought back down and the Mississippi state flag raised back up.

"I got a phone call that the Mississippi State Flag was taken down from the Veteran's Tribute Tower and so I came down and I took a picture and it upset me a little bit that we didn't have any notice in that," said Bill Whatley who is the Commander of American Legion Post 1992.

"We was thinking that some people in the city didn't recognize what our city flag was and there's been issues concerning the state flag, so we was trying to put the city flag out there to know what it was. But that Veteran's Tower belongs to the American Legion," said Gautier Mayor Gordon Gollott.

"When the state decides to change that flag I'll be more than happy to listen to them. I'll be more than happy to look at a new design and maybe vote on something different, but until that happens that is the State of Mississippi's flag and it should be flying at our Veteran's Tribute Tower," said Whatley.
Gollott agrees.

"I'm a listen to whatever the state decides. I will go along with what the state decides to do," said Gollott.

Despite changing the flag, Mayor Gordon Gollott said it is not mandatory for city to fly the state flag.

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