10,000 pounds of food handed out in Biloxi

10,000 pounds of food handed out in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Deming Enterprises teamed up with Hands on Mississippi in Biloxi on Wednesday to take a small burden off families in need.

"Today we're donating about 10,000 pounds for this food drive," said Robert Deming III.

Breaking it down, that's 80 pounds of food each for 270 people who lined up at the Donal Snyder Community Center. Private companies from across the Coast including Mississippi Power and Wells Fargo pitched in to help. Organizers said putting food on the table is the best way to prevent other troubles.

"We've received phone calls over the last year letting us know people are having problems," said Holly Gibbs, Executive Director of Hands on Mississippi. "They're having problems putting food on the table, getting to and from work, paying whatever bills they have. So we did a lot of research in the community and found the best way to flush it would be with fresh food."

Robert Deming, a leader for the food drop effort knows first hand how a little help can go a long way.

"After Katrina I was completely reliant on the kindness of others," said Deming. "So it taught me a lesson, it taught me to give back and how important your effort is to someone else. I saw this as a great opportunity to do that."

Any Harrison County resident could have taken advantage of the food drop and for Parley Williams, it came just at the right time.

"We really needed the food," said Biloxi Resident Parley Williams. "I don't get enough to support my family from time to time. I'm just glad that they had this for us."

Food drops like this one are in the works to be held statewide.

"We want to actually reach all the way up past the Delta, past Starkville," said Gibbs. "We're going to need some volunteers up in that area and support groups as well."

Other food drops are planned in the area. This Friday 5,000 pounds will be handed out at the Lakeshore Community Center for Hancock County Residents. On August 28th, Jackson County residents can pick up food at St. Paul's Methodist Church in Ocean Springs.

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