2016 presidential candidates hot topic at Republican luncheon

2016 presidential candidates hot topic at Republican luncheon

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Patriotic songs echoed throughout the Republican Women Founder's Day Luncheon Wednesday. Many attendees also sang praises of the GOP party, a party they feel is in good shape.

"I believe we have the right people in the right places right now, and I think with all the publicity the Republican Party is getting I think this is exactly what we need right now," said Gautier Resident Mary Martin.

Most of the publicity came from the crowded field of candidates facing off for the 2016 presidential bid.

"That shows the breath and the depth of our party. With 17 candidates that shows how much excitement and how much vibrant and diversity we have in our party," said Jackson County Resident Rogena Mitchell woods.

Guest Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch agreed.

"Everyone from HP CEO, to one of the richest men in America, to our governor, the governor of a Midwestern state that has done a tremendous amount of reform," said Lt. Governor Kleefisch.

Kleefisch, along with the crowd, believes it is not a time for the GOP to get relaxed, but to give the people a vision to buy into.

"I think the electorate is telling us what we need and that is fire under our belly. When you see Donald Trump saying some of the things he says and you are not seeing vast chunks of electorate falling off, you know that people are angry," said Kleefisch. "When Ben Carson, Trump and Fiorina are all tamping into that Anti-D.C. anger, you know that the other candidates will have to cease that type of passion."

Proceeds from the Founder's Day luncheon went toward awarding local students with the Trent Lott College Scholarship.

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