Neighbors Of Alleged Shooter In Shock

The Moss Point man charged with shooting two of his Northrop Grumman co-workers is being held in the Pascagoula city jail without bond tonight. 41 year old Alexander Lett allegedly shot Ben Gaffney and Don Eddins Monday morning inside the Quality Assurance building at the shipyard. Both men are in the intensive care unit at Singing River Hospital. Gaffney underwent surgery Monday and is listed in fair condition... Eddins is listed in critical condition.

Alexander Lett's neighbors are still in a state of shock. Like most of his neighbors, Jean Braun couldn't believe news of the shootings Monday morning.

"I told my neighbor when she called me I said, 'You gotta be kidding. That's not Mr. Lett. Absolutely not," says Jean Braun. "You could have knocked me over. I tell ya, I was very shocked when I found out it was him."

In the two plus years Braun has lived a couple of houses down, she says Alexander Lett's nothing but neighborly.

"I've spoke with him several times and he has been very polite," says Braun. "During the hurricane he said if we needed any help be sure and call on him and he'd help us."

From all appearnces, Braun says Lett kept to himself, spending most of his time with his family.

"He rides with his kids on bikes and plays with the children in the back teaching them to play baseball and doing different things around the house," said Braun.

"Seemed like a quiet neighbor to me," says Allen Lewis another of Lett's neighbors. "Never bothered nobody."

Allen Lewis' home SITS almost caddy corner to the Lett's. He says Lett seemed friendly enough, but admits he really's never gotten to know his neighbor.

"Now days we just don't visit that much anymore," said Lewis. "We've lived here four and a half-five years and I've waved at him but talked to him never."

Allen Lewis said the news of Lett's arrest left him frightened. Lewis, like most of the people I spoke with on Barnes Road are still trying to figure out how a man who was always polite, friendly and willing to help a neighbor in need... ended up in jail... accused of shooting two coworkers.

Josh Ridgdell