Disaster response officials say height of hurricane season is no time to be lax on preparedness

Disaster response officials say height of hurricane season is no time to be lax on preparedness

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Camille. Katrina. Frederick. Disaster response officials said some of the most damaging hurricanes to hit South Mississippi made landfall between mid August to late September. So the height of the hurricane season is now. All eyes are on a tropical wave in the Atlantic Ocean that has a good chance of strengthening over the next few days.

Disaster officials said although it's been an uneventful hurricane season so far now is not the time to become lax.

Harrison County Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacy calls it, "Cape Verde" season." It's the time of year when forecasters focus much of their attention to to what's brewing off the West African coast. 
"Hurricane Center gives 70 percent chance to pick up strength," said Lacy. "But we're still talking two weeks out. A lot can happen in two weeks time. It could dissipate. It could go up the East Coast and we just need to be cautious and at the same time we need to remember we're still in hurricane season."

Hurricane season is much on the minds of those over at the Red Cross headquarters in Gulfport. John McFarland of Red Cross said they've been making sure they all have the storm supplies they need.

"This week we have a group of FEMA Corps volunteers who were scheduled to be here anywhere," said McFarland. "So we have them out at our shelters. Just one more time inventorying  everything. Making sure everything is working. Going around to our warehouses one more time and inventorying our cots and our blankets and food and all."

Disaster response officials remind people that every storm is different and weather conditions can change quickly so people need to stay up in the know.

"That's the good thing about the media now. You can do it via email. You can do it via the apps. You can do it watching the tv," said Lacy. "We live here. We love to be around the water, but we need to understand when mother nature starts to brew up these wraths we need to be prepared and take the necessary actions."

Red Cross officials said they are also going through their equipment that just came back from Texas and Louisiana in response to flooding there.  They are making sure everything is cleaned and ready to go in case of another disaster.

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