Gulfport police continue to fight crime to protect residents

Gulfport police continue to fight crime to protect residents

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport police are addressing violent crimes and have made over 40 arrests in a matter of days.

Ever since Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania described the city of Gulfport as having a criminal subculture, he's continued to make the streets safer for residents.

"We ain't tryin' to be no snitches or nothing because no one is trying to get hurt. But we see a lot of things going on around here," said one Gulfport resident.

The Gulfport woman didn't want to go on camera with us to talk about the crime in her neighborhood, but she says she's lived in the city her whole life, and she's seen the changes.

"Prostitution, drugs, all of that," the Gulfport woman said.

She says her kids and grandkids walk the streets less, but she's seen improvements since Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania has cracked down on making the streets safer.

"It hurts me. It really hurts me because she can't go to the store unless I am with her or go to the park because it's always something. But like I said, it's calmed down a lot from what it used to be," she said.
In just a matter of days, Gulfport police executed several search and arrest warrants in a continued effort to address violent crimes in the city.

The search netted more than a dozen felony arrests, most of which were drug related.

Donald Cole who's lived in the city of Gulfport for 40 years says he appreciates the officers doing their job to protect and serve.

"I think it's a good improvement what he's doing. The crime around here is pretty bad. So, I think he's doing a good job. I say God bless them for doing a good job," said Cole.

Sixteen search warrants were served during the enforcement, which led to 15 felony arrests.

Eight firearms and an undisclosed amount of currency was seized, and 23 other people were arrested for misdemeanor offenses.

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