Historic coast structures open this Saturday

Historic coast structures open this Saturday

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Following Hurricane Katrina, several businesses and homes were either damaged or destroyed. But so were some historic buildings.

Tomorrow The Mississippi Heritage Trust celebrates the coast's many post-Katrina preservation victories with a trail of 23 historic places from Bay Saint Louis to Pascagoula.

There are several hidden gems of historic structures throughout the Gulf Coast that were severely impacted by Katrina. Though most of the locations are usually closed off to the public, the Mississippi Heritage Trust is giving coast residents an opportunity to see and learn their place in history.

"We're in front of the Charnley Norwood house in Ocean Springs and it's a 1890s structure that was designed by Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright and we are so pleased this is a rare opportunity for the public to see it. It's not generally open," said MS Heritage Trust Director of Programs Amber Lombardo.

Lombardo said the lessons learned following hurricanes or other strong storms are evident in a lot of the historic structures in South Mississippi.

"St. Michael's Church, wonderful story about their stain glass and how one, the first floor it was completely washed out. So now, from an engineering prospective, it's very interesting. They re-engineered the glass. So now if another storm blows through they can roll the windows up allowing the water to flow through without destroying the stain glass," said Lombardo.

Folks who participate in the Heritage Trust Trail will also learn about the efforts made to restore structures like the Biloxi lighthouse. A third of the lighthouse was covered in water during Katrina.

"The people who either own or facilitate these projects will be there to talk about the steps that they took. How they received funding. I think a lot of people are interested in how that all took place," said Lombardo.

The trail opens Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 23 structures in South Mississippi will be open to visitors.

To purchase a $10 ticket that gets you into all locations go online to www.savemyplacems.com or you can go to one of these three locations:

LaPointe-Krebs House in Pascagoula
Randolph School in Pass christian
Biloxi Visitors Center

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