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Wesley's Blog: Summer 2015 Heat Wave Facts

For the Gulfport Airport, it is definitely one of the hotter summers on record so far. For the Gulfport Airport, it is definitely one of the hotter summers on record so far.

Since July 8th, the temperature has reached 90° or hotter at the Gulfport airport every day. That's 37 days in a row at or above 90° which ties the summer of 2010 for the longest stretch of 90°+ days on record at that location (records there only date back to 2000). If we count today (Friday), that would bring the total stretch to 38 days in a row, which would break the tie with 2010.

But, it shouldn't surprise us to see temperatures near or above 90° in South Mississippi. 90° is typical summer heat here. Though it is somewhat uncommon to see so many in a row without having a stray thunderstorm break the streak with some rain-cooled air.

However, any days at or above 95° are uncommon for coastal locations in South Mississippi. And this year, the Gulfport airport has had five 95°+ days in a row (6th place) in mid July and again in late July. That's the highest number of 95°+ days in a row since the summer of 2011. That summer also holds the record for the most consecutive 95°+ days on record at the Gulfport airport: eight days.

As far as the temperature site in Biloxi, the records there date back MUCH further (1893). So, it's tougher to rank up against previous years. For consecutive 90°+ days, the record stands at 45 days set back in 1981. Summer 2015 has come in 62nd place so far with 15 days in a row in mid July. For consecutive 95°+ days, the Biloxi record stands at 11 days, set in 1983. Summer 2015 so far has come in 116th place with only two 95°+ days in a row in Biloxi.

What's the takeaway from all of this? For the Gulfport airport, it is definitely one of the hotter summers on record so far. For Biloxi (and likely much of the rest of South Mississippi), not so much. In any case, the 90°+ streak (or heat wave if you want to call it that) should end by early this week when the temperature may not reach 90° all day due to abundant rain showers in the area.

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