Biloxi man making strides in hip hop industry

Biloxi man making strides in hip hop industry

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A Biloxi man is making a big name for himself in the music industry. Brandon Pace is working with major hip hop talent as a music director and rapper. The 22-year-old recently finished shooting four music videos in Jackson. This week he made a stop at his hometown to talk about is skyrocketing career.

You're looking at a top notch musical talent. He's directed music videos for Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne and his YouTube Channel has close to 11,000 subscribers. Pace, who goes by the name B-Pace, is working his way up the music industry ladder by garnering air time on BET and landing spots on national commercials.

"We just had a video air on MTV jams for like a month straight. It's still on rotation. What's the name of the one? Ms. Kathy (Make Up) by Jacquees," said Pace.

The 2011 Biloxi High graduate said he started making music in the 4th grade. While in high school he enjoyed drama and business classes. He got into filming because he considered it a far more promising career. That was until the Mississippi artist's mentors suggested he start rapping.

His music video showcasing his song, "Know Yourself" on features parts of the coast. He said showcasing the coast and encouraging others in music to come to South Mississippi is something he's always promoting.

He added, "I represent the coast. For one, I got on the Shuckers hat on right now. Basically everywhere I go in the country or out of the country I let people know where I'm from and like anything I do, I'm like, 'I'm from Biloxi, Mississippi.'"

"He's talented with what he does, editing his videos and that is where his creativity really is shown is through this videos," said Pace's manager Blake Daniels.
He said the secret to his success--a relentless attitude and humility.

"You can't get into something and expect quick results. You have to stay down. Allot of opportunity work. I'd rather get opportunity than get money is like a big deal, work your connections and stay humble you can't forget where you're from," said Pace.

To follow Brandon Pace you can find him on Instagram by searching Bpaceproduction. He's also on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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