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Heavy Traffic Helps Attract New Development

Heavy traffic on Highway 90 in Ocean Springs is helping boost new business.

Although drivers may complain about the ever-increasing congestion, many merchants are counting those cars as potential customers. The traffic count is a definite selling point for commercial development.

A pizza restaurant takes shape near the busiest intersection in Ocean Springs. The "Mellow Mushroom" will benefit from the 40 thousand plus cars that pass by this spot each day on Highway 90.

Similar traffic will provide customers for a variety of shops, restaurants and offices at "The Oaks Center". The 25 thousand square foot development will open in about three months.

Highway 90 traffic also helped convince Bruce Grimes to open a dry cleaners in Ocean Springs.

"Convenience is a tremendous factor in my business. So, traffic count means that I'm in a location where people are already passing by," said Grimes.

He says all those cars passing by, represent potential customers.

"Traffic count is very high here in Ocean Springs on Highway 90. And I feel very confident in the developer of this property in providing a convenient, attractive place to do business," Grimes said.

And it's not just Highway 90 that's attracting new businesses to the Ocean Springs area. A tremendous increase in traffic on North Washington Avenue has sparked a similar business boom in the St. Martin community.

Several new retail centers will cater to that traffic.

Tony Ho looked at other locations for his new coffee shop, but settled on North Washington Avenue. The daily car count was a definite factor.

"We like this location a lot. Traffic flow. It's a new building and there's a lot of space for parking. So, we decided on this area," he explained.

Though drivers may not always appreciate the ever increasing traffic, it's not at all a bad thing for merchants courting customers.

By Steve Phillips

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