East Jackson Co. hoping for millions in flood relief money

East Jackson Co. hoping for millions in flood relief money

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Some storm victims in Jackson County say they're praying they'll get a federal grant the county applied for to bring the flooding and drainage nightmares to an end. Tuesday, we told you about the Board of Supervisors teaming up with the state to win a National Disaster Resilience Competition. $1 billion in relief money is up for grabs.

"Once a good rain comes, that water is coming all in my yard," said Jackson County resident Philip Williams.

Williams has lived on the east side of town in Jackson County for 10 years and is frustrated with the constant flooding.

"There is no place for the water to go but in the street, especially during hurricane season," Williams said.

Leray Armstrong also shared his flooding nightmares from living in this area.

"Getting off work at 11 o'clock and it is lightning and storming, and water then filled up the road and everything," said Armstrong. "It looks like you need a boat in some areas around here."

More money and help could soon be on the way to reduce the flooding and drainage woes in the communities in East Jackson County.

Supervisor Melton Harris said it's all part of a two-phase federal grant competition that the county and state are hoping to win over other parts of the country.

"This is almost a billion dollar competitive grant process, so it ranges from $1 million up to $500 million per location," said Harris.

Harris said county and state leaders have passed the first phase of the competition that dealt with showing a need for the grant. They are now completing the second phase that asks leaders to list how they will spend the money.

"Some of the things we are putting on there is to change our ditches. Some of them we will close in, and we will redesign some of them to hold water and get water off the streets," said Harris.

Increasing green space in communities is also going on the list of recommendations.

"We are looking at space that if we buy out the houses, we may convert the areas to green space, spaces that is capable of soaking up some of the water and minimizing the flooding conditions in homes and things of that sort," said Harris.

These residents said the flood prevention ideas sound great, but they just pray it actually happens.

"It has been long overdue for years," said Williams.

Harris said county leaders plan to submit the flood prevention recommendations to the state this month. He hopes to hear if they won the money by the end of the year.

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