Biloxi's Rophyel Howell Is One Of The Nation's Top High Jumpers

Biloxi's Rophyel Howell can fly... leaping 6 feet 10 and a-quarter inches in Mobile, claiming the 3rd best high jump in the national high school ranks this season. Consider this, Rophyel stands only 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 142 pounds.

Howell said, "Everybody can't believe how small I am and how high I've been jumping. Mostly every meet people are impressed by the jumps I make since I'm so small."

Rophyel isn't afraid of competition, he was the Biloxi Indians starting quarterback, a gifted athlete who can run or throw the football. On the season Rophyel totaled 8 touchdowns and believes working out for football has helped him on the track. The leaping ability in track has also helped Rophyel in football where he made 36 tackles.

Howell said, "It helps a lot. When I play defensive back and I use my jumping ability to bat a ball down." In track, it's up up and away and since this is Rophyel's junior season.. he's highly capable of reaching his high jump goal before graduating.

Howell said, "My goal is 7 feet 2 inches. If I can achieve 7-2 before I leave high school I'll be satisfied."

By A.J. Giardina