Red Phosphorus Meth Lab Discovered In Jackson County

A rare and dangerous red phosphorous meth lab is being cleaned out of one Pascagoula motel room.

It all started when members of the Coastal Narcotics Task Force responded to a complaint of a bad odor in a motel room at the King's Inn on Highway 90.

After searching the room, authorities arrested 35-year old Floyd Lout and his 30-year old wife Katrina both of Texas.

Authorities say this particular meth lab is more dangerous than previous types.

When the task force busted into a motel room Sunday afternoon, they found bottles and jars full of hazardous chemicals.

"They had a whole lab set up in there and was in the process of manufacturing methamphetamines," Narcotics Task Force Director Louie Miller says.

Authorities refer to typical meth labs as Nazi labs, but after rummaging through the ingredients, they found this wasn't just any meth lab.

Police say the Texas couple was using red phosphorous to do their cooking.

"The Nazi lab is dangerous, but this stuff is even more dangerous, extremely dangerous," Miller says.

Miller says using this red phosphorus can be so dangerous because of the phosphine gas it lets off when it's cooked.

Miller says just breathing it is enough to kill you.

"In the sixteenth months of working with this stuff, this will be the third one that I've dealt with," Miller says.

While it was Miller's third time dealing with the more dangerous meth lab, for most of the motel guests, it was their first.

They say they had no idea they could have been inhaling deadly fumes.

"Big major meth lab. Wow, it's amazing," South Carolina resident Re Thompson says.

"I've never seen that before in my life," Texas resident Samantha Clack says.

"My sister-in-law was staying here too and she's got three babies a 5, 3, and 1 year old. All of them ran up and down here playing. It's scary," she added.

"That's about 300 dollars worth of dope right there. It's a good business," Miller says.

Police say judging from the burn marks on this towel, it looks as though one of the couple's concoctions already sparked a flame.

Luckily, Miller says they were able to put out the fire before any serious damage was done.

"If this would have blown up, it would have been a disaster for this building," Miller says.