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Local Teens Search For Unique Prom Attire

High school prom. For many teenagers, this is one of the most anticipated events of their high school career, other than graduation.

So that usually means picking out the perfect formal wear for the special day.

Biloxi Wedding Belles and Beaus sponsored a prom fashion gala Sunday afternoon at the Great Southern Club, to help teens do just that.

For this upcoming prom season, individuality is "in".

So whether your preference is vintage, asymmetrical, or a little daring, you are bound to be in style.

"They go really from the entire gamut from asymmetrical less formal styles to very form fitted mermaids then on to full gathered skirt ball gowns. The guys, now they love the tuxedos, I'll tell you we have some that love white. The zoot suit is always very fun. The new Mirage is extremely popular with our gentlemen and the vest now goes the full range of colors to match the gowns so they really like that a lot," said Wedding Belles and Beaus owner Vickie Stroble.

The newest and hottest styles for prom season were on display Sunday afternoon, modeled by teens from various South Mississippi schools, including the reigning Miss Teen Mississippi Gulf Coast SaSha Williamson.

The 17 year-old Hancock High student plans to wear something that stands out on prom night.

"I like poofy dresses, the big ball gowns," said Williamson.

14 year-old Heather Stephenson has similar fashion tastes.

"They're really pretty. I like the bigger dresses that fit the body and go out," said Stephenson.

Vickie Stroble says every style does not fit everyone, but the key to picking the perfect attire.

"What the girl feels comfortable in. What she feels pretty and comfortable in. That's what is most important," said Stroble.

And that goes for you gentlemen as well.

By Karla Redditte

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