Seabees, daddys coming home 'is great'

Seabees, daddys coming home 'is great'
Seabee reunites with his love. (Image Source: WLOX News)
Seabee reunites with his love. (Image Source: WLOX News)
Children greet their dad after his seven month deployment. (Image Source: WLOX News)
Children greet their dad after his seven month deployment. (Image Source: WLOX News)


Every week, the men and women who serve our country return home after spending months overseas. And the reunions never stop being emotional. On Sunday more than 100 Seabees returned home to Gulfport.
“It's so, so, so exciting to finally have my daddy coming home. It's great, huh,” said one little girl.

She wasn't the only one excited to see her favorite Seabee. After seven long months, dozens of families of friends were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their Seabees.

“In the beginning it's pretty hard. At the end it's pretty hard and in the middle it starts to go pretty fast. First it's hard to miss him, but right now in the last few weeks it's been really exciting,” said Heather Fox.

It's not just spouses and children who showed up for the reunion, but parents too. “My son, he's coming home on deployment,” said one father.

Finally the wait was over and the buses made their way in. That's when the tears and cheers began.

“It's really funny because you don't miss the big things, you miss all the little things, like getting up in the morning and seeing your favorite person lying next to you,” said Fox.

As the service men and women slowly filed off the bus, their anxious family members ran to meet them.

“He was so far away, he was all the way in Guam,” said a little girl.

Another little girl had an emotional response when asked what she was going to do when she saw her dad. 
“I'm going to give him my card in the car and I'm going to hug him really hard,” said through tears.

Commanding officer for battalion, Jorge Cuadros, says seeing the Seabees reunite with their families makes him proud.

“They deserve this time. They deserve to back with their loved ones. It's just been an amazing seven months for them. Of course away from their homes, but doing God's work forward so it’s been amazing,” said Cuadros.

The Seabees were stationed all over the world including parts of Africa, Guam, and several European countries.
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