Enhancements to Harbor Road sailing along in Ocean Springs

Enhancements to Harbor Road sailing along in Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Needed improvements are coming to an area near the Ocean Springs waterfront. After a second round of bidding, the city is moving forward with a project that will enhance Harbor Road.

"See I live here in the harbor," Clive Mutschler began to say, "I've got two dogs that walk around here when I don't have them on a leash and there's kids that run around and people will come down from the Harbor Master's office and sometimes people come roaring down hill like it's a speedway."

Talk about the road improvement project began last year. Since then, the project has been modified to allow for improvements to the boat launch and pier. Funding assistance for that will come from Jackson County.

Mutschler says he looks forward to hearing constructions crews hard at work and the final product of what he hopes will make it safer for people and motorists in the area. "Increased traffic, I wouldn't be too crazy about. But if it makes things safer and easier to maneuver around here, I'm all for it," Mutschler said.

The project is a joint effort among the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, the city of Ocean Springs, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors and the Harbor Commission. The supervisors will be considering the memorandum of agreement as part of their Monday meeting. Work on the project is expected to being just after the Labor Day holiday weekend, and conclude within 180 days.

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