Family & Friends Say Goodbye To Michael Meldren

Hundreds of young people filled beach park in Pascagoula Saturday afternoon wanting to say goodbye to the friend they call Boo Boo one more time.

"He was a trickster, always had some type of prank to pull. He's the kind of guy that just wanted to see everybody laugh," Godbrother Tony Jenkins says.

"And now you're not going to be able to say, where's Boo Boo, where's Mike. He's gone. It's just hard," friend Carolyn McCall says.

"I'm never going to forget about him, I can't forget about him," friend Miles Meek says.

"I'm always going to know Mike by his smile, cause the man was always happy. Every time I saw Mike, he was always happy," Wesley Heil says.

On these balloons, friends wrote some last words to Michael, then released them into the sky.

"We love you Boo Boo!" the crowd shouts as the balloons hit the sky.

This memorial was planned to help the community cope with the sudden death of such a loved young man.

Michael's parents were also there.

Upon hearing of his son's death, Michael's father, Mike says he wondered how this could happen.

"When I found out that it was my son lying on that table, I hollered, cried, asked God why. I didn't get an answer," Mike Meldren says.

Meldren hopes by coming together in prayer, both friends and family can start to find the answers.

As the prayer began, everyone joined hands, bowed their heads, and made a circle.

A halo around the sun looked as though Michael too was joining in.

It was prayer of peace, a prayer of grace, and a prayer to help everyone to heal.