Train Derails After Collision With Truck

For most of Saturday, crews worked the scene of an accident involving a dumptruck and a train.

It happened Saturday morning on Canal Road, just south of I-10.

As a result, Harrison County deputies say Canal Road will be closed from 28th street to I-10 for an undetermined amount of time.

However, the area was reopened around seven p.m.

As for the accident itself, officials say the driver of the dump truck suffered minor injuries when the Kansas City Southern Railroad train and the truck collided, then leaving the tracks.

"We had a westbound train that was going to DuPont and a W.C. Fore Truck was hauling sand, and they had a collision at this intersection," said Gulfport Fire Chief Pat Sullivan.

Barricades were set up, diverting traffic from the scene, as the truck driver was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

"He was the only person injured. We did have the train and two engines and about four or five cars leave the tracks and sit down on the rail bed. They did not flip over," Sullivan said.

As emergency workers waited for Hazmat crews to arrive to clean up motor oil that spilled from the train and diesel fuel that spewed from the truck, employees and the owner of W.C. Fore Trucking, W.C. "Cotton" Fore, did what they could to lend a hand.

"The truck was loaded with sand, and they're having to remove all the sand out of the truck to get it out of the ditch that it's in now," Sullivan said.

While Fore had no problem helping with the clean up, he did take time out to voice his concerns about the placement of these railroad crossing warning signals.

"I think the warning signals are way too close to the tracks. They're within about ten feet of the tracks, and I think accidents could already happen before people see the warning lights. And I think the warning lights should be at least 200 feet from the tracks," Fore said.

There were no evacuations in connection with the derailment. Officials say the train was transporting iron ore, adding the train did spill some oil.

The truck involved also spilled diesel fuel.

However, authorities say there are no concerns about any environmental damage.