Hancock Co. residents cast votes for change

Hancock Co. residents cast votes for change

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Looking at Tuesday's primary election results, you could say voters in Hancock County want to give some new ideas a try. With the new year will come some new faces on the Hancock County Board of Supervisors.

"I feel it was time for a change and I think a lot of people did," said Diamondhead resident Paulette Snyder.

Diamondhead Resident Robert Miller said, "I think they're just ready for some new blood and ready for something different."

Supervisors Kenny Hoda and 20-year veteran politician Lisa Cowand were voted off the board and Tony Wayne Ladner is now in a run-off.

"We wanted a little fresh energy in there. See what kind of new promises will be met this time," Snyder said.

"I think we need to bring a lot of new business into the county. We need some new revenue," explained Diamondhead resident Paul Mucho. "We can't rely on the citizens on their backs. We can't tax everybody all of the time. We need new business to provide that revenue."

Miller said, "I think they need to do more work on the infrastructure and some drainage issues and things like that have been left to the wayside."

"I think that Hancock County could use a little more push for our education system," Snyder said. "It could use a little more jobs and I think there could be a little more activity for the infrastructure reconstruction."

Danny Johnson, Chairman of the Hancock County Republican Executive Committee said, "I don't think any politician goes into office without the intention of doing the right thing. In fact, I believe when they are elected they have every intention of doing the right thing for the community. Sometimes they are met with certain things, such as budget restraints, that keep them from doing what they'd like to do or their constituents would like them to do."

Blaine LaFontaine, who now serves as a councilman in the city of Diamondhead, unseated Incumbent Supervisor Lisa Cowand. He told us a special election to fill his council seat could be held during the November 4th general election, but Diamondhead leaders have not made an official decision.

The chairman of the Republican Executive Committee told us LaFontaine could legally hold both positions, but LaFontaine said ethically he didn't think he should do that.

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