Latest: Turnout 'really good' at many coast precincts

Latest: Turnout 'really good' at many coast precincts

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The early indication at some voting precincts is turnout is really good today for the 2015 statewide and county primaries. Harrison County deputy circuit clerk Connie Ladner is encouraged by what she's hearing from several precinct manager.

The day started with a couple of minor voting issues that had to be sorted out. The most unusual hiccup was in Hancock County. And it impacted republican voters who got up early to vote.

According to Hancock County's circuit clerk, the republican party's precinct manager at the Dedeaux voting place didn't show up this morning. And she had the GOP ballots, and the voting equipment with her. The circuit clerk says at precinct manager reportedly had car issues. Observers told circuit clerk Karen Ruhr as many as five voters left the Dedeaux precinct without voting. So, while democrats could vote when the polls opened, republicans in district three who vote at the Dedeaux precinct were asked to come back later. Ruhr said GOP voters in that box finally got to vote around 8:00, once the ballots, and the voting equipment arrived.  "They got there, maybe not as timely as they should have, but the polling place did get open," said Ruhr.

On the ballots today are candidates for every statewide office. You can also vote in House and Senate primaries, in regional races for Public Service and Transportation Commissions, and in county races.

These are the party primaries, meaning the winners today will advance to the November 3 general election. To win today, a candidate must receive more than 50% of the vote. If a candidate wins today with less than 50%, the top two finishers will compete in an August 25 runoff.
Precincts will remain open from now through 7:00 p.m.

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