Pascagoula working to provide flood relief to residents in the Briarwood Community

Pascagoula working to provide flood relief to residents in the Briarwood Community
Help is on the way for some Pascagoula residents Briarwood Estate on the east side of town. City officials said they have dealt with flooding nightmares in the community for years. Many residents said the help they are hearing about is long overdue.
“When hurricane season starts June 1, then that's when I am in panic mode,” said Pascagoula resident Rosalynn Thompson.
Thompson said her fear skyrockets around this time because she's flooded three times in the six years since living in the Briarwood Community.
“The last time I had to be evacuated by the National Guard, they actually came in with a boat,” said Thompson.
Those who live and work in the area said the flooding headaches have been ongoing for more than a decade.
“It floods your cars out and the homes are over flooded with water,” said a Pascagoula resident.
City Engineer Jaci Tuner said Pascagoula officials have been studying the problem.
“There are two different main drainage ways that both originate in Moss Point. One comes through the county in one wing, and come directly in the city in the other. So when either one is inundated, they tend to overflow in the general area,” said Turner.
The city has acquired bond money to reroute some of the drainage around not in the subdivision.
“What we are looking to do is intercept that {the water} with some ditches and piping to the east of the subdivision. Carry it out to Old Mobile Highway, and out to the same bayou that it currently flows to,” said Turner.
The improvement project is in the design phase. Plus, all the permitting and easement work still has to be done.
“We are hoping sometime in the next six months to a year that should start,” said Tuner.
While folks in the area wish construction could start this hurricane season, they’re still pleased Pascagoula is taking steps to end their flooding nightmares.
“I feel good about that. I feel hopefully, I feel prayerful,” said Thompson.
“I think they will be quite happy because a lot of people are moving out because of the flood,” said another resident.
Pascagoula officials said they are working on a regional resiliency program with the state. They are also teaming up with the Corps of Engineers and MDOT to help provide flood relief to Briarwood and several surrounding neighborhoods.

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