The Periscope at the Diamondhead Country Club Pine course is coming down

The Periscope at the Diamondhead Country Club Pine course is coming down

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - Diamondhead Country Club is making improvements to meet the high standards for golf courses on the coast.  Diamondhead has two 18 hole courses, the Cardinal and Pine... and the indoor/outdoor Golf Academy.
Diamondhead Country Club golf course superintendent Brook Sentell says a renovation project on the Pine Course will only enhance a golfers experience with tree-lined fairways, water and now well-placed bunkers.

Sentell said, "We've added bunkers on No. 1 here at the Pine on both sides.  Kind of in the landing area to give the people some thoughts whenever they pull a club out of their bags or just for the view for the higher handicappers. You know, it wouldn't come into play for those guys and added a bunker on No. 3 for the same issue and nine.  We've re-grassed a lot of areas to make it smooth where it has settled over the years."

Diamondhead pro Chris Altese says the old Periscope on hole No. 4 will be removed.  It's been a fixture for many years on the Pine Course and was needed to prevent golfers from getting beamed... due to a hill that obstructed the view to the green.

"It's kind of a signature piece for Diamondhead, "stated Altese.  "But we were able to take that hill down where now you can see to the bottom without having to use the periscope.  We probably need a place to put that periscope.  All our members are going to miss it when it's gone.  It's going to make for a unique hole now.  It really is a good looking hole.  The hole was pretty to begin with but you couldn't see much of it and now you can see all the way down to the bottom and up to the green."

Diamondhead Country Club has hosted many pro tournaments and qualifying rounds for the Champions Tour and these new improves will only enhance a golfers experience.

Sentell's last day at the Diamondhead Country Club was Friday.  He accepted a position with the Sea Pines Resort at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina.

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