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The 2015 GYA Junior Lipton Championship experienced a lack of wind

The cream of the junior fleet from the Gulf Yachting Association hit the high seas on the Mississippi Sound this weekend. The Gulfport Yacht Club served as the host. There was an issue... a lack of wind. Race officer Steve Nolte says that's not good for competitive sailing.

Nolte said,  "You just do the best you can.  It makes it very difficult, especially in the summertime.  We have the Northeast breeze early on and then it dies off."

Only two of six races were completed on Saturday and Sunday's competition was stalled for two-hours and forty-five minutes due to a lack of wind. Finally, the junior sailors ranging in age from 10 to 18-years-old opened their sails.  Each with a crew of three.

"These kids practice for a long time for this regatta, "stated Nolte.  "They spend a long time in there boats and really take it seriously and they are very tough competitors."

So which yacht club might have the advantage?

Nolte said,  "You would look at the local yacht clubs, Bay-Waveland, Gulfport, Pass Christian.  They are use to sailing in these types of conditions."

Through five races the Mobile Yacht Club captured first place. Pass Christian Yacht Club was second, Fairhope 3rd and the host, the Gulfport Yacht Club, was fifth.

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