Jackson Co. sheriff candidates make last push for votes

Jackson Co. sheriff candidates make last push for votes
Sheriff Mike Ezell. (Photo source: WLOX)
Sheriff Mike Ezell. (Photo source: WLOX)

Tuesday, thousands of Jackson County registered voters will head to the polls to elect a top law enforcer. Pascagoula Police Officer Bob Cochran has entered the race again to try and unseat the current sheriff, Mike Ezell.

Ezell won the November special election last year to replace Sheriff Mike Byrd.

Patrice Clark spoke with both men about their future goals as they hit the campaign trail this weekend.

With Election Day right around the corner, Ezell spent the weekend knocking on doors and talking to voters about why he should stay in office.

"We have started something that we are proud of, professional excellence. We are working hard every day to take care of the citizens out there that really need us. We will keep the sheriff's office moving forward because I believe in what I am doing," said Ezell.

Cochran known as officer Bob on the Coast was also passing out leaflets, and posting his signs hoping he can win the sheriff's job this time around.

"One of the desires is having people out there that are going to serve and protect them. They want someone who is concerned about their community, not someone just driving around in a patrol car with a badge," said Cochran.

Cochran has 30 years of law enforcement experience, and 22 years of that he served in the military helping protect the country.

If elected, Cochran said he wants to increase deputy patrols in the county, and build a more ethical department that provides fair enforcement of the law for all.

"If you work with the community, the community will work with you. By bringing certain programs such as seniors on patrol. By bringing my smart choice program that I have in the elementary schools, and in the municipal court programs right now that is working with the youth. These are things that can unite the communities together, and also save money," said Cochran.

Ezell said since becoming sheriff last year, he's made great strides in getting the community to help deputies sweep drugs and crime off the streets.

The more than 35 year law enforcer believes his past experience serving as the Ocean Springs police chief and the Pascagoula-Gautier school district chief will help him continue improving safety in the county.

"When you really get out there, you get that neighborhood watch program going. You get good folks calling in that will help reduce crime. We are going to work hard to work on these drug dealers, and work with the FBI. The good relationships I have with the other chiefs and the task force, I feel confident our goals will be met," Ezell said.

Both candidates agree the only way their visions can become reality is if people get out, and vote Tuesday.

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