Maritime and Seafood Industry Hall of Fame will see 50 inductees Saturday

Maritime and Seafood Industry Hall of Fame will see 50 inductees Saturday
Saturday, 50 men and women will be recognized for their contributions to the Coast’s seafood and maritime industries. The names will be immortalized at 2 p.m. when they are inducted into the Heritage Hall of Fame at the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum.
Friends and family members of inductees are welcomed to join in the festivities at the museum. Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich will be presenting the induction certificates.
Here is a list of the 2015 Heritage Hall of Fame inductees:

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Boat Captains/Commercial Fisherman/Boat Owners

Neville Joseph “TeJean” Broussard
Leo Eleuterius, Sr.
Leonidas Polk “Nealy Louis” Eleuterius
Louis James Gorenflo
George J. Higginbotham
Nicolas Rosario “Corky” Hire
Sagasta Pierre “Sang” Langlinais
Joseph Mihojevich
Albert J. Misko, Sr.
Willard Andrew Newman
Edwin R. Ott, Sr. & Alice Ott
Alexsandro Pitalo
Adolph “Doffie” Ross
Amos Ross
Joseph August “Smokey Joe” Smolcich

Seafood Processing Company

J & L Seafood - John Henry Seymour, Sr. & Lydia Beaugez Seymour

R. Fournier & Sons - Raymond Fournier, Clementine Fountain Fournier and Anthony Doty Fournier 
Lopez, Elmer & Company/Gorenflo Canning Co. - William F. Gorenflo, Sr.  
Biloxi Canning Company/Aughinbaugh Canning Co./Gulf Shrimp and Oyster Co. - Armindo Oliveira “Herman” Soares
Wentzell Brothers Seafood – J. E. “Eddie” Wentzell & J. W. Wentzell
Anticich Canning & Packing Co. – Mary S. Anticich
Golden Gulf Coast Packing – Sherman V. Canaan

Industry Trademen

J.D. “Jackie Jack” Covacevich
Mark R. Ederer-R. F. Ederer Co., Inc.
Robert Francis Ederer-Coastal Net & Twine Co./R. F. Ederer Co., Inc.
Augustus “Gussie” Fountain, Sr.  
Martin Fountain, Jr.
Randolph Fountain, Sr.
Walter Celeste Fountain
Jules J. Galle, Sr.
William “Bill” Holland
Lucien “Blanc” Hollier
Joseph Rocco Misko, Sr.
Tommy Munro-Munro Petroleum
Adolph “Doffie” Ross
Paul M. Skrmetti-Skrmetti Trawl & Net Co.
Harry L. Wheeler, Sr.

Boat Names

Alma Mae
Anita Christine
Anna Eve
Blue Plate
Boo’s Dream
Catherine Pitalo
Clara Fountain
Huey P. Long
John Sekul
Mag Dof
Miss Yugoslav
North America
The Victory

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