MS Sales Tax Holiday runs Friday through Saturday

MS Sales Tax Holiday runs Friday through Saturday

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The school year is about to commence. If you have a chance to go shopping Friday and Saturday you might want to take full advantage of Mississippi's sales tax holiday weekend. It's a time where you forgo paying 7 percent for clothing and shoes on items less than $100 per item.

We caught up with a few stores and customers gearing up for the big shopping day.

"We are busier than normal. We really are. It's a good incentive for people to come out and buy," said Carolyn Middleton who is the store manager of My Oh My.

Middleton started her sale a day before sales tax free holiday.

"We already put our shirts on sale and our tanks on sale. Buy 3 get 1 free which will be offered throughout the weekend," said Middleton.

She said it's an extra incentive for shoppers looking to stock up. But this mom and daughter didn't wait for the tax free holiday. They got an early start scouting the best sales.

"We are out school shopping today, and at her school she has to have school uniforms. So we're out here shopping for that and bookbags," said Michelle Baronich.

"It's kinda exciting because you're getting ready for the new, fresh school year. So it can be exciting," said Scarlett Baronich.

But even with the sea of sales to be had, some shoppers said they found stores that price matched.

"We even went into a store where they compared prices with other stores that didn't have what we needed. So they even compared prices in several stores that we've been in," said Valerie Wright.

Her fashionista daughter was able to scoop up some fresh looks thanks to the the pre-sales tax deals.

"Some Nike shoes and Aeropostale shirts," said Laila Wright.

Though backpacks aren't on the included in the list of tax free items, Shoe Department is offering 7 percent off.

"A lot of people wait until this time of year to shop all year long. We've got boots in and stuff. So if they are really looking for shoes, some people shop for the whole year," said Holder.

Edgewater Mall has extended its hours this Friday and Saturday. The mall opens from 9 until 10 p.m.

To see a full list of all the tax-exempt items, visit:

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