Coast DJ sits in truck without AC to raise awareness about pets left in heat

Coast DJ sits in truck without AC to raise awareness about pets left in heat

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Coast disc jockey went above and beyond. to raise awareness about how dangerous it is to leave pets in vehicles during the sweltering heat. Brady from 107.1 the Monkey got in a truck parked outside the Humane Society of South Mississippi without the air conditioning running.

Because it breaks his heart to see what can happen to pets left in hot cars, Coast DJ Brady decided to make himself a guinea pig to raise awareness.

"Especially down here in the South where it is a million degrees every single day," said Brady. "So really just raising awareness that these are living beings who can feel what we feel."

It didn't take long for the DJ to start feeling the heat. After three minutes, he said he was already sweating. As the minutes ticked by, emergency workers  kept close watch on his heart rate and blood pressure.

Gregory Doyle of American Medical Response said, "We're watching his level of consciousness to make sure he's still speaking clearly. This is very dangerous."

The inside of the truck became more uncomfortable. WLOX put a mic on Brady so we could hear him and he shared what he was experiencing inside the truck.

"Temperature went up one degree. It's 105 in the car now. It's terrible. This is awful," said Brady. "I can't imagine an animal in the car for 18 minutes. wondering where its owner is."

Brady said, "Right now I can really feel just touching my heart that it's just moving really fast."

Finally after 22 minutes, AMR officials told Brady he had to get out.

"Your heart rate is up to 162 and your blood pressure is starting to fall. It's just starting to get dangerous for you," Doyle told him.

Afterwards, Brady said, "My heart is going crazy right now. I'm sweating like crazy. There's sweat in my eyes and it's really salty. I can't imagine what an animal must go through with this."

Humane Society officials said they hope Brady's message resonates with pet owners.

Spokesperson Krystyna Schmitt said, "When you do leave your pet in the car there's no recourse for them. They can't get out themselves. They can't drink water if you haven't left it for them them."

"We had a signal that if he got too tired or too weak he could put his hands above his head. Dogs and cats can't do that. Dogs and cats just lay there and die. That's tragic. People need to be aware of that," said Doyle.

Brady was checked out after by medical staff as a precaution and is doing fine.

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