Overwhelming success for Operation Backpack 2015

Overwhelming success for Operation Backpack 2015

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Before we hear those school bells ring again, a group of people have gone above and beyond to make sure parents and their kids are ready for the new school year.

Military families really stepped up this year. Thanks to their hard work and generous efforts, they were able to fill more than 400 back packs full of supplies for needy children for the new school year.

"Children need to come to school ready to learn on day one. Teachers need to come ready to teach on day one, but when you start without the bare necessities, you don't get that fine, clean slide into the year. Sometimes, how you start is how you end," Jeff Davis Elementary School Principal Melanie Nelson said.

Nelson says this school supply drive was the perfect effort to get students not only at her school, but around Biloxi, that good start for the new school year.

"Nineteen squadrons came together and donated over 400 backpacks full of supplies. We have 100 for Gorenflo, 100 for Popp's Ferry, around 100 for Jeff Davis, 25 for North Bay and 50 kindergarten mats for Nichols," Jeff Davis Elementary School PTO President Laurel Hale said.

"Through the team partnership between the community, I'm absolutely proud of my unit. Especially our key spouses that helped do this. My wife inspiring me to push me to do more and challenge our entire organization to contribute, I think is awesome," 333rd Training Squadron Commander Vincent Sullivan said.

Because of the great turnout, Hale says they can look forward to an Operation Backpack 2016.

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