Action Report: Lucedale woman says she's a miracle from God despite losing three limbs

Action Report: Lucedale woman says she's a miracle from God despite losing three limbs

LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - Forty-four year old Cindy Glaskox was living a normal life. That normal life was turned upside down in December of 2013.

Cindy Glaskox loved the holidays, but after Christmas of 2013 her life was forever changed. An infection spread and resulted in her losing three limbs and making a wheelchair a necessity. She had gone to an out of state hospital for what was expected to be a temporary colostomy bag.

"Kept me in there for seven days," Glaskox remembered. "They sent me home with my white cells high and I was already sick when they sent me home.  
When I came home 24 to 32 hours, they helicopted me back out from here, back over there because my gut slipped back in, poisoned my body and put in septic shock, caused me to lose my hands, my legs. And then after I had spent 4 1/2 months in ICU, the day I got to come home, then they sent me home with gangrene running down my big toe. So, I don't no longer have my toe."

Glaskox wants to lead a normal life as much as possible, but she needs prosthetics.

"I've had a hard time trying to get prosthetics," stated Glaskox. "Nobody gives me therapy. I was approved, but nobody wants to give me therapy because I don't have prosthetics."

Glaskox said she's coping the best way she can. So how does she feed herself?

"I've got Velcro and that's how I feed myself.  Fix a fork in there and I feed myself that way."

Glaskox has two sons with disabilities and they do what they can.

"I help my mom a lot and I take her to the bathroom and empty the bag for her, the colostomy bag, and change it and all that," Justin Davis said.

I told him we will try to get that help for his mom.

Despite the setbacks, Glaskox says she's a fighter.

"God was on my side because they said if I did make it, I would be a vegetable, but I proved them all wrong," Glaskox said. "I'm a miracle from God."

I contacted an amputee coalition in Knoxville, Tennessee and that group is now in contact with Glaskox. That group doesn't supply prosthetics, but said it will help Glaskox get on a waiting list to get the money to be able to purchase prosthetics.

But the spokeswoman says its a long process because so people are already on the waiting list. A local prosthetics company owner told me he will help in any way he can once she gets her artificial limbs.

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