11-year-old junior golfer Katelynn Altese scores a rare Albatross

11-year-old junior golfer Katelynn Altese scores a rare Albatross

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Eleven-year-old Diamondhead junior golfer Katelynn Altese recently competed at the Kelly Gibson Junior Tour's BC Cup Invitational .

On the final hole at Oak Harbor Golf Club in Slidell, hole No. 9, Katelynn bagged an albatross. Some experts say the odds of accomplishing that are about six million to one. Hole No. 9 is par 5 consisting of 351 yards.

Katelynn said, "I hit my driver like 225 yards and then I hit a pitch and wedge 120, and it hit the front of the green and rolled to the hole and went in."

Katelynn's dad, Chris Altese, is the pro golfer at Diamondhead. He said he was so happy that he got a chance to see something that is rare and the fact that his daughter scored the Albatross makes it that much better.

"Unbelievable," stated Chris. "Definitely something you don't expect to ever see. That I've never seen in my lifetime. And even after finishing that round I was talking to some of the guys like Kelly Gibson himself, a PGA Tour player. He said he thinks he might have made one, but he's not sure because he used two balls. We're just really happy that I got to see it."

Katelynn said she didn't know she sank the shot until those watching starting jumping up and down. She's only 11, but she knows what she wants to do down the road.

Altese said, "I want to play high school and college golf and hopefully I'll get on the LPGA Tour."

Katelynn said she has to improve on her short, putting and chipping.  Her long game appears to be okay.

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