Don Culpepper Reports On Latest Goodwill Hall Of Fame Member

Jim Collins goes to work at Goodwill Industries of South Mississippi every day, as director of Marketing and Community Relations. It's a habit he's found impossible to break after 27 years as Chief Executive Officer of Goodwill Southeastern Louisiana in New Orleans.

"I filled out a form recently and it asked what's my hobby and I put work," says the long time Bay Saint Louis resident.

"It's that kind of dedication to this business and its century old mission of uplifting others that's made Jim the newest inductee in Goodwill Industries International Hall of Fame.

"In all honesty it's very humbling," says Collins."That's no baloney either."

While Jim says much has changed in his more than 3 decades with Goodwill, the mission remains the same.

"The medium or the means whereby they achieve their ends is different, but Goodwill is endeavoring to get people into jobs. It's not charity. It's a chance."

And this humble Hall of Famer says, as it's been throughout his career, the people of Goodwill remain the backbone of it's business of changing lives.

"I feel like the orchestra leader who was complemented because a good piece what played, but all I do is wave a stick and I have a whole lot of people out there who are doing tremendous work in order to make the thing work."

It's work Jim never finds time to put down.

by Don Culpepper