Neighbors Praise Police For Improved Spring Break

Many young people attending Black Spring Break complained about the heavy police presence. They say it kept them from having as much fun as last year.

But law enforcement's high visibility over the weekend is also getting much of the credit for helping move traffic and keeping things more calm than a year ago.

"I was relieved. I wasn't afraid this year. I was afraid last year."

Gay Hopkins owns an RV campground on Highway 90 just west of Rodenburg. She also lives there. A year ago, Hopkins told us she felt like a prisoner in her own home. This year, she credits the visible police presence for making all the difference.

"I think that the law enforcement presence really helped us. We didn't have but a couple of minor problems and thank God for them. They were over there, they were over there, they were here.  And I think the kids that came down knew what they could and could not do and that was better for them and better for us."

The director of the coast coliseum estimates some six thousand spring breakers packed the facility's front lawn Saturday night.

Bill Holmes says it went smoothly. Thousands of spring breakers partied at the coliseum and Holees said they had a good time, "We had no problems. To my knowledge, as of Sunday night, there were no arrests on the grounds."

Sarah Commander says the crowds were considerably more quiet than a year ago. She lives in a small neighborhood just east of Edgewater Mall.

"Things were great this weekend. Much better than last year. We had a little traffic looking for a way out, but other than that, everything was fine. We were well pleased with the difference."