Coast Minister Alleges Police Used Strong Arm Tactics

There is talk of a lawsuit over this past weekend's Black Spring Break.

The Reverend Eddie Hartwell is a Pastor in Gulfport, and he was a part of the God Squad this weekend.

He says he was around the Coast Coliseum for almost the entire weekend. The Reverend claims he was shocked by what he saw. '' I saw police harassment, I witnessed situations where the actions taken by law enforcement in particular the Harrison County Sheriff's Department, that was too much."

Hartwell says he, and other members of the God Squad, feel law enforcement was ticketing and towing cars for no justifiable reason.

He wonders if the law enforcement was cracking down because the young people were black.

'' Are we unjust to say it was because they are black when at other events when the crowd was predominately white there have been no such incidents."

Hartwell maintains what he saw was young people having a good time, yet they were treated like common criminals.

That's why, he says, they make take legal action.

"We intend to see that justice is served and no group or people are treated that way, black white, or whatever, that no group is treated in a particular way because of who they are."

by Jeff Lawson