Sound barrier complete on I-110

Sound barrier complete on I-110

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Another addition is complete in the Mississippi Department of Transportation's big project at the Interstate 10/Interstate 110 interchange. This one is designed to benefit a residential area more than drivers on the highway.

The sights and sounds in several backyards on Seymour Avenue have changed quite a bit over the past week, but it has nothing to do with anything on the homeowners' property.

Several yards from residents' property lines, a new wall has gone up to act as a sound barrier between their houses and the busy interstate. MDOT just completed the wall that's 750-feet long and 12 and a half feet high on the northbound side of I-110 close to the neighborhood on Seymour Avenue.

Shirley Santa Cruz is one of those whose house backs up to the interstate. She says it's nice to have a new view, but she can't say yet whether it has helped with the sound.

"It's a beautiful wall. I mean, I like how they did it. I'm just waiting to see how it's going to be whenever they open up the lane closest to the barrier to see how it's going to work," said Santa Cruz.

That lane could be opening sometime in September as MDOT finishes the Big Ridge Road reconstruction.

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