Motion seeks to stop SRHS retirees' attorneys from posting to Facebook

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Phrases like "frighten and mislead," "threatening and incorrect," and "calculated to confuse" have surfaced in the latest court filing linked to the ailing SRHS pension fund. The targets of those combative words are the attorneys for health system retirees, and the social media messages they've posted in recent months.

An 11 page motion filed Thursday by members of the health system asks a federal judge to order those attorneys to refrain from intimidating retirees "through dishonest and unfounded declarations of wrongdoing."

The health system members claim, "The conduct in this case to date and the spread of misinformation has been an outrageous miscarriage of justice." They argue social media posts by plaintiffs attorneys violate the rules of professional conduct.

"The statements aren't only coercive and intimidating to the potential class, but are an attempt to distract and deplete attention and resources of the Defendants," the motion states.

The attorneys targeted in the motion are Dustin Thomas and Earl Denham. The court filing cites nine instances when either Thomas or Denham used social media platforms to share information, or recruit clients to take on the health system.

In one example dated April 29, the health system claims Denham incited retirees by posting, "We need an overwhelming uprising of our citizenry to stop this fraud and bring the wrongdoers to justice, and we need it now."

Attorneys for the Singing River Health System members who filed this motion ask the Court "to instruct counsel, as officers' of the Court, to refrain from actions that hinder the administration of justice."

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