MS power officials talk about rate hikes and refunds with biggest consumers

MS power officials talk about rate hikes and refunds with biggest consumers

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Some of the biggest consumers of power on the coast were together for a meeting where Mississippi Power officials spoke with them about the recent rate hike and refund concerns.

The Mississippi Hotel and Lodging Association hosted a rare joint meeting Wednesday with the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association. They invited two vice presidents from Mississippi Power to offer some insight on proposed rate increases and refunds concerning the Kemper County Plant.

"Any information is helpful, and I think we need to gather information from all sources so we make an informed decision on what recourse that we have," said Kenny Glavan, the general manager of Four Points Sheraton.

Billy Thornton, the Vice President of External Affairs, talked about the fact that the Kemper County Plant is $2 billion over budget, but he says the biggest misunderstanding is that customers are paying for that overage.

Both Mississippi Power officials declined to speak on camera after the meeting, but they did say they want consumers to do their research on the rate hikes, and that information can be found on their website.

Thornton added that he understands how confusing the information can be, especially surrounding upcoming consumer refunds, but they are happy to be invited to speak to groups like this whenever they get a chance.

"The tourism industry, we use a lot of power in our hotels, our restaurants, and even our casinos. So, I think it was very important to present the facts tonight. Let the group kind of digest that, and if we have any questions to present that to southern company and Mississippi power so we can make informed decisions on what we need to do," said Glavan.

Thornton says on Tuesday, Mississippi Power had to turn a plan of action in to the public service commission on how they plan to refund customers their 18% rate increase money that started in 2013.

The plan of action suggests customers choose either bill credits or checks, but the public service commission has until August 6th to approve their plan.

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