D'Iberville parents continue to fight for Highway 67 light

D'Iberville parents continue to fight for Highway 67 light

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Safety improvements are finally underway at a dangerous intersection in D'Iberville. Hundreds of teenagers pass through the intersection of Highway 67 and Big John Road every school day. Despite a deadly accident back in March, and accident just last week that critically injured a teen, there's still no light at the intersection.

"I can tell you as a parent you don't breathe easy until you know your kid's at school, every day," Kristi Bowen said.

Bowen is a mother of two D'Iberville High students. She said communication is all parents want when it comes to knowing where officials are in the process of getting the needed lights at two intersections off of Highway 67.

"We just want to be told something and we'd like to see a little bit more activity. More than every time we have an incident, it's like a snail's pace," Bowen said.

WLOX News drove down the highway to see work being done at one of the intersections that have parents so worried. We're told by District Six Engineer, Kelly Castleberry the light project is based on coordination, and the work being done Wednesday comes after the power company received the go ahead from the U.S. Forest Service, to run power to the light being installed at the Shriners intersection.

"We have been nervous ever since the 67 has been put in. Knowing our children are going to be traveling this road and having to navigate the intersection, it is beyond worrisome," parent Alex Butler said.

Castleberry said work in the area will be ongoing until a more permanent project for both areas is complete. In the mean time, he urges all drivers, not just teens, to be responsible behind the wheel.

Castleberry confirmed to WLOX, the light at Shriners will be up and running the week of school, or shortly after. As for the wanted light at Big John Road, he said there will not be a light installed at that intersection. He said there's a larger project in the works and having a light at the intersection would offset the turning lanes.

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