Military supporters rally outside Gulfport recruiting center

Military supporters rally outside Gulfport recruiting center

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - It was July 16th when Mohammed Abdulazeez shot and killed four Marines, one sailor, and shot a police officer in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Since that time people all around the nation have come together to show support and appreciation to our men and women in uniform. That's what happened Wednesday in Gulfport at the Armed Forces Career Center on Courthouse Road.

The American Patriot Riders were out with their flags showing support and one of the organizers said it was what he felt needed to happen.

"Well, we just felt we had to show our appreciation to the recruiters. Let them know that there's Americans out here that care about them and this is our small way of showing them that," said Ed Baker.

According to Baker, it didn't take long to bring the rally together.

"Really it just came down to two of us talking Sunday after the sailor was killed, or died, and we said we need to do something. So we sent out on Facebook to our membership, let's get together and show our unity for recruiters. And that's how we ended up out here," he said.

There was a big response from the community, as well. For instance, a Coca-Cola van pulled up and a veteran hopped out, donated water, ice, and ice chests to show his support to the cause. There were also many drivers stopping by and honking with approval.

Baker said it was a constant showing of support.

"We've had people actually stop and want to stand in line with us, so, this isn't just the members out here. This is also regular town-folk wanting to stop and show their appreciation also," he said.

According to Baker, the American Patriot Riders will be standing guard again whenever the recruiters ask them back.

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