DMR seeking ways to inform fishermen about vibrio bacteria

DMR seeking ways to inform fishermen about vibrio bacteria

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - The Department of Marine Resources will look for ways to better educate fishermen about the presence of vibrio bacteria in the water.
Commissioner Ernie Zimmerman made that request at Tuesday's monthly CMR meeting.

He's from Hancock County where a fisherman became the latest person to fall ill after coming in contact with the potentially harmful bacteria.

"Is there something we can do to try and educate these people that may help these fishermen from getting into this shape," asked CMR Commissioner Ernie Zimmerman.

"There's plenty of literature out there that we can incorporate into what we do and how we communicate with our fishing community. So I think that would be the first step is that we would take advantage of all the information already out there. Make it more available on our web site," said DMR Executive Director Jamie Miller.

Director Miller also said the DMR's chief scientific officer, Dr. Kelly Lucas, was recently part of a panel discussion that focused on the issue of the vibrio bacteria and its potential threat.

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