Four fisherman rescued after boat capsizes

Four fisherman rescued after boat capsizes
A teenage boy suffered a cut on his arm when the boat flipped. The three other men on board were not hurt. (Photo source: WLOX)
A teenage boy suffered a cut on his arm when the boat flipped. The three other men on board were not hurt. (Photo source: WLOX)

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - The afternoon thunderstorms that rocked the Coast Monday also led to a scary situation for four fishermen. Their boat capsized when the weather turned rough around 1:00 p.m.

The boating accident happened in the Bay of St. Louis, not far from the Bay Bridge. Three men and a boy were aboard the boat when it began to sink.

What started off to be a pleasurable fishing trip among friends turned ugly in a matter of seconds.

"All of the sudden the wind came up and the water got rough we were trying to come in and water came over the sides of the boat and capsized us. It just over took us we tried to get-away from there but we didn't make it," said Frankie Johnson of Hattiesburg.

Johnson is a Deacon at Plymouth Rock Baptist Church in Hattiesburg. He says his grandson cut his wrist when the 19-foot fishing boat rolled over.

"When the boat tipped over the end of it hit my arm, my hand," explained Patrick Stafford, Johnson's grandson.

AMR , DMR and the Coast Guard rushed to the scene. By that time the boaters had gotten on top the hull, which was belly up.

Stafford, the young boy said, "It was very frightening and when we got on top of the boat I got more frightened."

Johnson said, "I had him (his grandson) in my arms while I was trying to tread water and he got on the boat while I was holding onto the motor. I saw Reverend Hibley got on the boat and Deacon Peyton was on the front of the boat. And the first thing I asked was everybody all right."

It was a horrifying experience the men say they will never forget.

"When the boat flipped the first thing to come to mind is to find something to hold onto so you can survive. I guess you don't think about anything else but survival. We made sure the young boy was alright," explained Hattiesburg residents Lionel Peyton.

Johnson said, "Scary, it was really scary. I was more concerned about my grandson than I was me though because he was down here visiting from Florida but he was alright thank the Lord for that."

The men were rescue by another boater who brought them to the Bay St. Louis Municipal Marina. A DMR crew then towed the capsized boat to the Marina's docking area. The fishermen are just thankful to be alive.

"The Lord heard our prayers and answered it," said Johnson.

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